An exciting and glamorous theme to be a “007 Secret Agent”, incorporating elements of espionage, sophistication, and adventure.


Create a glamorous and sleek ambiance with black, silver, and gold as the primary colours. Incorporate iconic Bond elements like martini glasses, playing cards, and silhouette cut-outs of Bond characters. Use sleek, modern lighting and decorations to emulate the feel of high-end spy lair. 

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Canapés and finger foods: Serve elegant appetizers like smoked salmon, caviar, mini sliders, or gourmet cheese platters.

International cuisine: Offer a variety of small plates inspired by different countries Bond has travelled to, such as sushi, tapas, or mini spring rolls.

Martini bar: Offer a selection of “shaken not stirred” martinis, including classic vodka or gin martinis. As well as variations like fruity martinis or mocktails.

Signature cocktails: Create custom cocktails with Bond-inspired names, like “Golden Eye”, “License to Thrill”, or “Vesper Martini”.

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Secret agent essentials – Privide guests with mini spy kits, including items like sunglasses, mini notepads, pens, and small gadbets.

Personalized items – Create customized martini glasses, keychains, or tote bags with the bride’s name or the event date. 


Encourage guests to dress as Bond Girls or stylish secret agents in elegant dresses, cocktail attire, or black tie outfits. 

Provide props like fake mustaches, sunglasses, and toy guns for photo ops. 


Casino night – Set up casino style games like poker, blackjack, or roulette or guests to enjoy. Provide play money or chips as currency.

Spy training – Organize interactive activities such as a laser maze, obstacle course, or an escape room experience. 

Bond movie marathon – Screen a selection of classic James Bond movies in the background to set the mood.

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