1950's Theme

Make your Hen Party a truly memorable occasion with A 1950's Theme to add to the magic

1950's Theme Hair & Makeup

Rockability Ponytails- Create a high ponytail and wrap a section of hair around the base to hide the elastic. Use a teasing comb to add volume at the crown. You can also add a headband or a decorative scarf to enhance the 1950’s flair.

Winged eyeliner, bold lipstick, defined brows and soft eye shadow are some of the key elements to embrace the vibrant look of the 1950’s.

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1950's Theme, Hen Party Ideas, TheHen.ie
1950's Theme Hair, Hen Party Ideas, TheHen.ie

1950's Theme Food & Favours

Give out personalized sunglasses, vintage-inspired keychains, or mini vinyl records as party favours. Consider providing temporary tattoos featuring 1950s-themed design

Serve classic diner-style food such as burgers fries, milkshakes and hot dogs. Create a soda fountain station where guests can mix their own soda flavours. Consider adding a candy bar filled with retro sweets like candy cigarettes, candy necklaces, and rock candy.

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1950's Theme Extras

  • Create Invitations using Canva
  • Martini Glasses (these can hold drinks or sauces to pair with your food) Find these on Amazon
  • Lots of decoration options also here
  • Stiletto cake toppers
  • Furry oversized coats for over the dresses in the evening
  • Party games – you could test your groups knowledge of details, facts and popular quotes from the most memorable episodes.

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1950's Theme Food, Hen Party Ideas, TheHen.ie