1980's THEME

A 1980's - themed hen party hen party is a fantastic choice for a fun and vibrant celebration, inspired by the bold fashion, music, and pop culture of the era.

Grab your leg warmers, tease up that hair, and put on your brightest neon colors because we’re stepping back in time to the raddest era of all – the 1980s!

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1980's Theme Attire

Encourage guests to dress in 1980’s fashion trends such as shoulder pads, leg warmers, neon colours, ripped jeans, oversized t-shirts, or spandex.

Provide accessories like jelly bracelets, slap bracelets, scrunchies and colourful sunglasses 

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1980's Theme, Hen Party Ideas, TheHen.ie
1980's Theme 3, Hen Party Ideas, TheHen.ie

1980's Theme Décor and Food Ideas 

Use vibrant and bold colours like hot pink, electric blue , neon green and purple for decorations.

Hang posters or cut-outs featuring iconic 80’s movie characters, musicians, or bands

Use cassette tapes, Rubik’s cubes or boomboxes as part of the table centrepieces or decorations. 

Retro snacks: serve popular 80’s snacks like Pop Rocks, Pixy Stix, Tang, Dippin’ Dots, or Fruit roll-Ups. 

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1980's Theme Extras

Music and Entertainment: Create a playlist filled with1980’s hits from artists like Madonna, Micheal Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, or Bon Jovi. 

Hire a DJ who specializes in 80’s music or set up a karaoke machine for guests to sing their favourite 80’s tunes. 

Arrange an 80’s dance-off or lip-sync battle, where guests can showcase their best 80’s dance moves or performances. 

Favors: Customized ,mixtapes – create personalized mixtapes or CDs featuring popular songs from the 1980’s 

Neon-coloured nail polish or temporary tattoos with 80’s designs. 

Activities: Make a DIY 80’s makeover station with brightly coloured wigs, temporary hair dye, and bold makeup for guests’  to experiment with. 

Host an 80’s trivia game or quiz, testing guests’ knowledge of movies, music, and pop culture from the 1980’s. 

Arrange a screening of a classic 80’s movie and provide popcorn and snacks for guests to enjoy. 

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