A delightful and nostalgic choice, celebrating the iconic doll and her glamorous world.

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Barbie Theme WHAT TO WEAR

Encourage guests to dress up in their most glamorous outfits, channelling Barbie’s fashion-forward style. 

Emphasize pink as the primary colour for attire, whether it’s dresses, skirts, or accessories.

Provide tiaras, boas, or Barbie-themed accessories for guests to wear.

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Barbie Theme WHAT TO DO

Activities —

Barbie fashion Show: Organize a mini fashion show where guests can dress up in extravagant outfits, strut the runway, and strike poses like a true Barbie. 

Barbie trivia or Quizzes: Test guests’ knowledge about Barbie’s history, movies, and fashion. 

DIY Barbie-themed crafts: Set up a craft station where guests can design and create their own Barbie-inspired accessories, such as jewellery, headbands, or mini handbags

Party Games —

Barbie doll Hunt: Hide small Barbie dolls or accessories around the party area, and have guests search for them. The guest who finds the most dolls or accessories wins a prize. 

Barbie Pictionary: Divide guests into teams and play a game of Pictionary using Barbie-related items or characters as clues. 

Pin the Bow on Barbie: A spin on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game, blindfold guests try to pin a bow on a large poster of Barbie. 

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Barbie Theme EXTRAS

Food & Drinks — 

Pink treats: Serve a variety of pink-coloured snacks and desserts, such as pink cupcakes, macarons, cotton candy, or pink lemonade.

Barbie-themed cake: Order or bake a cake decorated with Barbie-themed designs or a cake topper featuring Barbie herself.

Signature cocktails: Create Barbie-inspired cocktails with names like “Pink Dream,” “Barbie-tiny,” or “Sparkling Barbie Blush.”

Favours — 

Barbie-themed goodies: Give guests Barbie-themed items like mini Barbie dolls, lip glosses, or keychains.

Customized Barbie-style name tags or bracelets with each guest’s name.

Personalized favor bags with Barbie-inspired stickers or labels.

Image Credits: Got Your Bash 

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