Sex & the City Theme

An exciting and glamorous theme to be a “007 Secret Agent”, incorporating elements of espionage, sophistication, and adventure.

Sex and the City Theme is the perfect choice for fans of the iconic TV show. For the Bride to be, celebrate the kind of friendships that survive many trials and tribulations, through laughter, tears, and memories. Make the most of it with our Sex and the City theme party. Fashion, cocktails, and heels will see you through this weekend, setting the bride to be on her way to Happily Ever After!

Image Credit: Vogue

Sex & The City Theme wHAT TO wEAR

The ladies of Sex and the City knew how to balance between high and low fashion “I need a $5 dress to go with my $500 shoes”

Splash out with a dress, heels, and handbag for your chic look. Pair with accessories and you’re in style for the weekend.

Image Credit: She’s Fun


Sex & The City Theme dINING

A Sex and the City party wouldn’t be complete without Carrie’s signature cocktail Cosmopolitan.

Add some fancy glassware to keep things extra!

Food depends on which hen party vibe you’re going for. If you’re going for more for the evening party, you could fill champagne glasses with prawn cocktail, crab cakes and an array of fruit and crackers.

If you’re going more for a casual laid back vibe, get a taste of New York street for like pizza, pitas, crepes.

Chinese takeaway is always a good option, don’t forget the chopsticks!

Image Credit: Lisas Dinnertime Dish

Sex & The City Theme Extras

  • Create Invitations using Canva
  • Martini Glasses (these can hold drinks or sauces to pair with your food) Find these on Amazon
  • Lots of decoration options also here
  • Stiletto cake toppers
  • Furry oversized coats for over the dresses in the evening
  • Party games – you could test your groups knowledge of details, facts and popular quotes from the most memorable episodes.

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