Toga Theme

A toga Themed Hen Party is based on The Roman and Greek Mythology,

Toga Theme What to Wear

The Toga Theme costume is usually a toga, Which can easily be made from a white bedsheet or an inexpensive piece of white material. Throw on some strappy sandles a gold belt, a head band and you are ready to go.

Toga Theme What to eat

The greeks and romans loved to eat and drink wine of course. Fruits, grapes, cheeses and lots of wine and you are good to go. 

Toga Theme Extras

Create an invite in the form of a scroll and tie them up with a ribbon for extra effect. 

Gold and white are the staple colours of the Toga theme you could incorporate a little purple too which was representative of royalty and wealth. 


Drap sheets over seating or hang them from the walls for extra effect. 


Create a nook full of fancy pillows and cushions for a cosy corner 


Gold Candles or oil lamps will help complete the look. 

Soft classical music or a harp will set the mode and give ancient times vibes.