Victorias Secret Angel Theme

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is the definition of GLAMOROUS

Victoria’s Secret Angels are known for their confidence, grace, and beauty. They represent the epitome of femininity and strength, inspiring women around the world to embrace their individuality and embrace their wings.

Get ready to spread your wings, embrace your inner goddess, and let the magic of the night unfold. It’s time to celebrate our beautiful bride and create memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s make this hen party soar to new heights and leave our bride feeling like the radiant angel she truly is!

Image Credits: Victoria’s Secret 

Victorias Secret Angels Theme Attire

If you’re thinking of having a Victoria’s Secret Angel themed hen party, your outfits must consist of at least one of 3 things! 1 -Sparkle 2 -Feathers 3 -Wings. A great idea would be a pyjama party, with everyone wearing satin pyjamas/robes. And of course the bride in white! If you’re planning on a glamorous night out, you should be in pink attire and the most sparkly jewellery you own. And if you’re really wanting to get into the spirit of things, pop on a pair of wings!

Image Credits: Victoria’s Secret

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Victorias Secret Angels Theme Hair & mAKEUP

There is a classic look when it comes to the Victoria Secret Bombshells! To get the bombshell look it consists of the bounciest of blow-dryers and a natural, but glam makeup look. To achieve this look keep your skin glowy with a brush of bronzer in areas where the sun would actually hit and a light pink blush on the cheeks. Use the same bronzer, with a thin black line of eyeliner on the eyes. Keep the brows as natural as possible and a pink nude on the lips 

Image Credits: Victoria’s Secret