Planning a Hen Party?
Why Hen Houses are the biggest Trend in 2021

Simply host your Hen Do in a Hen House or Apartment and you’ll be on the right track to having the best Hen party for your group!  

They’re the self-catering way to make your Hen Do exactly how you want it to be.

Host your hen do in a hen house or apartment and you’ll be on the right track to having the best hen party for your group!

Between bringing your own drinks, relaxing any way you want to, being your own music DJ and even saving money, Hen Houses or Apartments simply tick all the boxes.

You can Relax!

With Hen Houses comes a chance to fully relax and leave the hustle and bustle of a busy night outside the House. With the freedom of having your own base comes the chance to spend the Hen party however you like.

Have you own little pamper party as you all do each other’s nails, hair and makeup while you sit around in your most comfy pyjamas. No need to get glammed up in your best outfit for a night on the town. No need to don those high heels (unless you want to, of course). But one thing’s for certain. A Hen House offers the ultimate relaxation experience a Hen party can have!

Less Hassle!

Simply bring your own bluetooth speaker and you’re the DJ for the night. If a song isn’t just right you can simply skip to the next one. If your drink isn’t just right, you can add more or less without the hassle of shouting at the bartender over the volume of the music. Hen Houses take the hassle out of the equation. They also allow you to have the perfect night in with your girls.

You cannot loose anyone

We all know how nights out can go…

you go for a meal, hit the bar and after that people get broken up into smaller groups – its quite hard to keep the group together for the whole night a hen party house suits if you want to keep everyone together. 


You have the opportunity to have a fantastic activity in the house – no need for taxis and moving people. 

Choose from a sports based game for the garden or a afternoon tea with Mrs Doyle from Fr. Ted. The battle of the bridesmaids gives you a chance to dress up while Draw a Nude is a great crowd pleaser. Bringing your own drinks to the Hen House and  enjoy the games, the fun is completely in your hands. Therefore, so is the budget! However, when it comes to the price of the Hen House or Apartment, we recommend planning ahead.

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