Hen Party Ideas

Hen Party Ideas

make the most of the big day

We are always on the lookout for new ideas for hosting the ultimate Hen Party, We have put together a collection of some of our favourite hen party ideas and tips below to help you make the most out of your Hen’s big day.

Tag us on Pinterest or share your work or new ideas with us on FacebookWe always love to see how creative you girls can get.

What invitations you go for can depend on whether you are doing a theme or not . It also depends on whether you are doing an online invitation or an actual hard copy invitation. You can buy generic hen party invitations in any good joke shop or online.

With Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Whatsapp, Pinterest (and the rest), most people are taking the easy way and designing one on their computer and sending it via one of these social networking sites which is much more cost effective with the same personalization that is required.

If you have the time make them yourself make sure you put all of the information of the date, where you are staying, the RSVP date and the package price etc on it.

At this point I would advise you let them know what is the last date to pay the deposit to secure their place.
Check out our Pinterest page for invitation ideas.

I just love bunting, it is so easy to make and yet it is so very effective to really personalize any table, room or area.

Check out how to make personalized bunting below:

Apart from Material Bunting there are lots of cost effective ways to fill a room with beautiful personalized bunting without breaking the bank. You just need to get your creative hat on.

It is amazing what you can create with a little Coloured hard card, a hold puncher and a piece of string.

Check out some of our inspirations for bunting here

Great for rounding everyone up before the meal (make sure you add this into your budget before telling anyone the prices)

You may need plastic glasses as some hotels will charge you corkage if you didn’t buy the drink in the hotel.

This depends on what look you are going for you can get L Plates/Horns or the formidable penis hen bopper.

Add a head bopper to any outfit to instantly signal that you are a hen party.

Check out this page where you can get hen party boppers from €1.50 per person!

Again if you do not wish to go with a theme or a fancy dress but you want everyone to appear to be party of one group. Diamante Transfers can be ironed onto t-shirts for the group to wear on the night out or indeed, just for the journey down to get you all in a part mood.

These Diamante Transfers are also great to personalize things for the hen herself. Iron “Bride to be” onto her PJ’s for the hen night for a nice finishing touch to what is sure to be a great night.

Finding Nice Ideas for a Hen Party can be hard Personalized dinner menus can be as simple as the hens name and the date at the top of the menu you could add a tag line if you felt creative.

You could do one large picture of the hen as the background or you could do many small pictures around the edge of the page. These can be made into scrolls with ribbon or just left as normal.

You can incorporate the general theme of the Hen Party to these if you are doing one, for example if you are doing a Nautical theme having the menus reflect this is a perfect way to pull a theme together.

If you have a hen that loves her magazines, what a surprise it would be for her to be on the front of one!

Check out this page for more information:

At the end of the hen party, pick up the days newspaper, a copy of the dinner menu, a coaster from the bar, a souvenir from each thing you did that day.

Seal them all in a box and give it to the bride 1 year later, on her Hen Anniversary and reminisce about the day.

If you want to really go the extra mile make this Memory Box/Time Capsule match the theme of the Hen Party such as this Vintage Styled Memory Box:

Photobooths all the rage now. They bring laughter and a great opportunity to get pics of the guests. Personalize these to the theme you are doing and you are onto a winner.

Photobooths are a fun way to get everyone mixing and great for the memories afterwards.

Fancy dress hen parties (eg. dress as a nurse) involves dressing up for the hen party night out only and it does not affect any other party of the event.

You do not theme the menus and invites around this.

There are so many cute ideas for Hen Party badges – check out our Pinterest page below for inspiration. However our favorite Suppliers for Personalized Hen Party Badges have to be www.jokeshop.ie.

They have lots of predesigned badges for you to choose from or you can simply create your own.

The best part is that they only cost €1.50 each

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This is such a simple idea & yet a really nice surprise for the hen. It starts the day off on a great note.

Decorate the room prior to her arrival with balloons & banners – you could even cleverly place pictures of her around the room. Chocolates, sparkling wine & cookies are also good to munch on while getting ready (Check with the hotel that you are allowed)

You can personalise this as much as you want, adding personalised bunting, pictures of the hen etc.

If you are doing a theme keep this in mind (eg. if you are doing “pink ladies”, all pink balloons would be perfect)

If you are not going with a hen party theme or hen party fancy dress but wish to have uniformity among the group a Hen party t-shirt is a great idea.

It can also be worn for the journey down (before you get into fancy dress/night out gear) getting everyone into the hen party mood. This can be done with a picture & a tag line or just “Mary’s Hen Party”

Most hen party t-shirt companies are great at helping you design one that is special to the hen (Be sure you get people’s right sizes some “Larges” are no bigger than a 14)

Check out our favourite & cost effective suppliers of hen party t-shirts: www.jokeshop.ie

These Gold Glitter Champagne bottles will add a splash of sophistication to any Hen Party.
Use them as a Hen party favour and you will set the tone of “classy” straight away.

Check out how to do this easy idea here

Or if you want to do a Bucks fizz reception tie it to a orange juice….Voila!

You can go for a simple shop bought cake, plain iced Cupcakes, Novelty Cupcakes, Novelty cakes the choice is yours. Bear this in mind when booking the dinner, as you may get dinner cheaper.

Again if you are doing a theme it is a great way to carry it through the event ie: if you are doing a Nautical Theme do a Nautical themed Cake.

They all come in all shapes and sizes check out our PINTEREST page for some ideas.

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Get a scrapbook or a photo album & fill it with pictures of the hen throughout her life.

A nice idea is to get everyone to send you an image of them and the bride and get them to sign it/write a note to the bride or send the note to you and you type it up before the hen night.

At the end, have a picture of the Bride and Groom to be with a note from him (aww).

Get a scrapbook & either get everyone to bring along a handwritten recipe they like. Put them all in the book a great keepsake for the bride to be.

All you need for this are wooden lollipop sticks and a sharpie!

Get everyone to write something different on each lollipop stick that the couple can do for date night each week. Place all the lillipop sticks in the jar.

Makes a great keepsake for the bride to be.

At the start of the hen party gather all the guests together, ask everyone to apply their favourite lipstick shade and get them all to metaphorically “Kiss the Hen”!

Make sure everyone has quite a thick layer of lipstick and get them to kiss the piece of card. Then leave your card in a safe place to dry completely – Don’t let it smudge as it will ruin it and you will have to start all over again.

Once it is dry then pop it in a lovely frame and surprise the hen!

The choices for these are endless.

You can go with chocolates, drinks, take home gifts, personalise them, work them with a theme you are running – I just love them, they ooze sophistication and attention to detail (once done right), done wrong and you are better off not doing it at all.

They all come in all shapes and sizes check out our PINTEREST page for some ideas.

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Everything is better with Chocolate including a hen party!

A few chocolates in each room, welcoming the guests to the hen party gives it a wow factor. You can do this in many ways you can just be really simple and place one Dairy Milk chocolate on a napkin with a note “Welcome to X Hen party” or you can do a chocolate favour box etc.

What you do depends entirely on your budget

If you are doing Hen Party Bags/Hen Party Survival Kit, you can include anything you like.

Here at Belles and Blazers we think any Hen Party Bag should definitely contain a few of the following:
• Plasters
• Water
• Painkillers
• Chewing gum
• Safety pins
• Small sewing kit
• Small deodorant
• Lip balm

Half of the appeal of a party bag is the way it is presented and what it is presented in. You can do it really well in a brown bag with a personalized label at the front, you can do really fancy boxes or you can go one step further and take one of these as inspiration

Check out our PINTEREST page for ideas: Hen Party Survival Kit Ideas

Again if you do not wish to go with a theme or a fancy dress but you want everyone to appear to be party of one group. Diamante Transfers can be ironed onto t-shirts for the group to wear on the night out or indeed, just for the journey down to get you all in a part mood.

These Diamante Transfers are also great to personalize things for the hen herself. Iron “Bride to be” onto her PJ’s for the hen night for a nice finishing touch to what is sure to be a great night.

Just add music!!!

If you are travelling to the hen party by car or by bus it is important you do not end up listening to the news or worse still, bad music on the way down.

Get the party started right from the moment you leave.

Create a playlist on your iPod (make sure you can link it to the speakers) or a CD of the hen’s favourite songs or generic hen party/girlie songs for the journey…..Bob’s your uncle instant party mood!

Get images of the bride to be, put them into a nice collage print and laminate it…voila personalized placemats.

If you are doing a theme this is an ideal opportunity to make it flow throughout the entire night such as if you are doing Christmas themed hen party having Christmas images/colours on the personalized placemats is a great way to tie it all together.

You could also order them online at various online stores such as: http://www.glossy.ie/personal-placemat/

Hen Party Survival Kit Ideas

Planning a Hen Party?

Hen Party Survival Kit

We are over 10 years organising hen parties all over Ireland. we know all your questions and have outlined some options for survival kits and survival bags below.

Are hen party Survival kits/bags essential?

What do I put in a hen party survival kit/bag?

How do I present a hen party survival kit/bag?

Whether you call them hen party survival kits or hen party survival bags we think they are a fantastic! We here at TheHen.ie think that they are a fun addition to any hen weekend. And you will be thankful for the contents of a survival kit the morning after the night before

Are hen party survival kits essential?

Are Hen Party Survival Bags or Kits Essential? Of course not! 

Nothing on a hen party is essential but it is a nice touch! I honestly don’t know how many times I have been on a hen, popped the survival kit on the beside locker only to raid it for half its contents before going to bed (mainly the taytos) and then raid it again the next morning (mainly the painkillers and water!).

Boy have I been thankful!

I no longer wonder where its name comes from!

What do I put in a hen party survival kit?

What do I put in a hen party survival kit is a question we get asked alot and there is no straight forward answer to give you. What you put in the kit/bag is completely up to you and your budget. 

You can purchase ready made survival bags/kits from various sources.

Check out these options:

I do love these minis  – they are so classy! 

Or these novelty kits on Etsy are also a nice. 


Make your own Hen Party Survival Kits/Bags

Alot of people choose to make their own – mainly as it is more cost effective but also you can personalise it to the bride to be.

We here at TheHen.ie have put together a list of different things you could put in the survival bag aka hen party survival kit below and you can pick and choose what might suit your bride, the theme of the hen party or the people or the group.

    • Bobbin
    • Brown Hair Clips
    • Mini Dry Shampoo
    • Mini Shampoo
    • Mini Conditioner
    • Mini Shower Gel
    • Mini Baby Wipes
    • Travel Toothbrush & Toothpaste
    • Mouthwash
    • Make Up Wipes/Cleanser
    • Earbuds/Cotton Wool
    • Mini Deodorant
    • Eye Mask
    • Sewing Kit
    • Mini Tissues
    • Lipgloss or Vaseline
    • Breathmints
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Facemask
    • Chewing Gum
    • Nailfile
    • Plasters
    • Safety Pins
    • Painkillers
    • Condom
    • Alka-Seltzer
    • Lifelines (Pre drinks)
    • Berocca/Vitamin C
    • Flip Flops
    • Spare Tights
    • Willy Straws
    • Hen Party Sash
    • Head Bopper
    • Personalized T.Shirt
    • Mini Spirits
    • Mini Bubbly
    • Water
    • Personalised T.Shirt
    • Personalised Champagne Glass
    • Taytos
    • Chocolate
    • Sunglasses
    • Fizzy Mineral

Decide on a Hen Party Bag

Now you just need to decide a bag for the hen party survival bag/kit. 

We have rounded up the Top 10 hen party Bags you are going to love

Check that out if you are thinking of going with a bag. 


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