There are so many great Hen Party Ideas it can be overwhelming to know where to start. We have outlined below lots of Hen Party Ideas, Games, Themes, Helpful tips on how to organise a hen weekend and much more. Remember if you need to chat it out feel free to give us a call on 0906479753. 

Congratulations! You’ve been entrusted with the honour of being your bestie’s bridesmaid. It entails diving into thrilling wedding plans, attending bridal fittings, offering unwavering emotional support throughout the preparation, and, of course, orchestrating the all-important hen party! 

For those unfamiliar with organizing or attending a hen party, the prospect might seem a bit overwhelming at first. Fear not, though; we’re here to guide you through it, complete with fantastic suggestions, ideas, blogs and packages to make the whole process smoother. 

To kick things off, we’ve compiled an excellent list of the finest and hen party ideas across Ireland, everything from the classy to crafty to unusual and of course the most popular hen party ideas for you below.

Combine the joy of camping with a touch of comfort through glamping—a perfect option for a diverse group of guests. A glamping hen weekend can be a fantastic and unique way to celebrate before a wedding. Glamping, short for “glamorous camping,” combines the comforts of a hotel with the adventure of camping. 

Check out the link below for our list of Glamping Hen Party Packages in Ireland from €195pps for a whole weekend package.

For adrenaline junkies, opt for an action-packed weekend with activities like zip-lining, Assault Course in Kilkenny  or even Axe Throwing in Athlone

Check out this page for a list of Adventurous Hen Party Activities in Ireland.

3. spa weekend

Indulge the bride with a spa weekend, a perfect retreat for those who adore a touch of class, relaxation and luxury. Picture this: relaxation and rejuvenation, coupled with Champagne, at an exquisite spa hotel. Numerous hen-friendly spas throughout Ireland offer enticing pamper packages for these occasions.

Check out the link below for a list of Hen Party Spa Packages in Ireland.

Appeal to the DIY Crafty queen in the bride to be with arts and crafts-filled hen party activity options. There are so many Crafty hen party activities to choose from such as Flower crown-making, Fascinator Making or you could try a Perfume Making Class in Kilkenny. 

Check out this page for a list of Crafty Hen Party Activities in Ireland.

5. a murder mystery event

Inject some intrigue into the hen party celebrations with a murder mystery event. Uncover clues, identify the killer and engage in collaborative problem-solving activity for one team to be deemed the winners. This serves as an excellent ice-breaker, adding a playful and interactive element to the hen party.

Check out the link below for the Murder Mystery Activity that can be done all over Ireland. 

6. Rent a fancy hen party house

Take the Hen Party to a fabulous hen party house for the weekend. There are some amazing hen party houses in Ireland such as Tranquility House in Carlingford, Patriot House & Bar in Abbeyfeale and Mount Eagle in Limerick Complete with a games room and Sauna. 

Check out the link below for a list of Hen Party Houses in Ireland

7. Boozy Hen Weekend

If you have hen party group that love their alcohol then perhaps a boozy hen weekend would suit you can choose from many options such as Wine Tasting, Gin Masterclass in Galway, or maybe a classic Cocktail Masterclass would be a good fit. 

Check out the link below for a list of Boozy Hen Weekend Ideas

8. A Foodie Lovers Hen Party

For the food loving bride to be a foodie hen weekend might be the perfect idea, you get to choose from some great ideas such as Vintage Afternoon Tea Tour in Dublin, Brunch or even Chocolate Making in Carlow

Check out the link below for a list of Foodie Hen Party Ideas

9. Pampering Hen Weekend

A Pampering Hen Weekend with the girls does not have to be in an expensive Spa, get bathrobes and gather in one of your houses think facemasks, Hair masks and some prosecco. 

You could also choose to hire in a local beautician to do treatments or nail treatments for your group. 

Check out the link below for a list of Pampering Hen Weekend Ideas

10. Competitive Hen Party Activities

There are so many Competitive hen party activities to choose from that are mostly 90 minutes of head to head tasks until one team is crowned the winners! These activities are perfect as icebreakers for a hen weekend.

Check out the link below for a list of Competitive Hen Party Activities

Father Ted – Still going strong after all these years! It is a firm favourite here in the office of and is one of the most popular hen parties in Ireland. Choose to do any of the following Father Ted Themed hen party activities Finding Ted, The Father Ted Experience or even Mrs Doyle & Her Grannies for each of these all the costumes are provided for the duration of the activity. 

Check out the link below for a list of Father Ted Hen Party Activities. 

The cabaret Drag activity is not for the faint hearted, these queens are beautiful and very brash. The Cabaret Drag activity can be done in most locations across Ireland and is 90 minutes of inappropriate jokes, lip syncing and some interactive games. 

13. wellness hen weekend

There are lots of Wellness Hen Party weekend ideas such as Hot Yoga in Athlone, Take a hike or arrange a dip in the sea with your girlies to get the blood pumping.

Check out the link below for a list of Wellness Hen Party Ideas

14. wet n' wild

If you have a hen that loves water then maybe something like the Water Sports like SUP or Kayaking in Carrick on Shannon, Water Trampoline in Athlone or Surfing would be a great way to spend a hen weekend, we do always recommend that you check make sure everyone else likes water as it can be one that sees a group divided. 

Check out the link below for a list of Wet N Wild Hen Party Ideas

15. get arty

An arty hen party activity can help people discover talents they never knew existed or just have a lovely relaxing time with your girlies. Try the ever popular Paint N’Sip, or something cheeky like the Life Drawing or Even Pottery Painting

Check out the link below for a list of Arty Hen party activities

16. Hire your own Private Cinema

Is your Bride to be a movie buff? The Stella Theatre is a delightful and unique cinema experience! Hire it for a few hours for your group Combine the charm of a traditional theater with the added luxury of enjoying cocktails adds a special touch to the movie-watching experience.

17. Farmer Themed Hen weekend

If your bride to be is marrying a farmer or if you just fancy a farmer themed hen party weekend then maybe a Hens on a Farm experience in Carrick on Shannon might be just what you are looking for. If you fancy something a little less mucky then something like the Culchie Championships might be the perfect fit and if you wanted to be really different you could go for Alpaca Trekking

Check out the link below for a list of Farmer themed Hen party activities

18. The detective loving hen

Is your Bride mad into solving things? Does she love CSI? If so then a hen party activity like the CSI Save the Groom might be the perfect way to kick start the weekend. Escape Rooms and Treasure Hunts are also very popular hen party activities for those who fancy themselves as detectives and problem solvers.

Check out the link below for a list The Detective loving Hen party activities

19. The Music Loving Hen

If your bride loves her music then something like a dance class, Karaoke or a Silent Disco might be a great hen party activity to get the tunes in before the night on the town. 

20. Hen Party At home

Having a hen party at home can be just as fun and memorable as going out, and it provides a more intimate setting for the bride and her friends. It is not for the faint hearted though and does take alot of organisation on the organisers behalf so be aware before taking the challenge on. 

Check out the link below for ideas on having a Hen Party At Home.

21. Take a Cruise

Ahoy there Mate! A hen party cruise is a great way to get a hen weekend off to a floating start. Choose to do the Cruise in Carrick on Shannon or the Cruise in Galway.

There used to be a booze cruise in Athlone but it is no longer operating

22. Get into Costume

People act different when they get into costume, its like they give themselves permission to act different to what they would normally be like. You can choose to do a full hen party weekend in a hen party theme of your choice and each person must come as that theme. Check out a few hen party theme ideas here 

Or you can choose to do a hen activity that provides costumes for the duration of the activity so that you get the opportunity to dress up without the hassle. The few of the activities that offer costumes for the duration of the activity are: War of the Roses, Battle of the Bridesmaids, Mrs Doyle and Her Grannies, Murder Mystery and Finding Ted

Check out the link below for ideas on hen party activities with costumes