Hen Party at Home – Our Top Tips! We are over 13 years organising hen parties all over Ireland so we do really know all the tips and tricks to organising a great hen weekend to remember. Good Luck!

Do not underestimate how much work there is to organising a hen party at home.

It takes alot of meticulous planning, patience and quite a bit of money to do it right! Sometimes we forget when planning a hen party that your friends have a lot to pay out for when invited to  your up and coming nuptials, wedding gift, hotel stay, new outfit etc but what can be a good option is to have your hen party at home. You can use your parents house or a close family member if they don’t mind.



We do live in Ireland and as a result rain is nearly always imminent but if the weather looks good in summer months you can plan to have your very own festival. 

Set up a DIY marquee or set up just outside in the garden with your Christmas fairy lights and set up a speaker with your very own play list. 

Even though this is a DIY at home hen it is still going to cost money for food and drinks but it will be a fraction of the cost of going away for the weekend. Set out an” entry fee “for everyone to cover these costs.

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The good thing about having a hen party at home is that you can choose the dress code. You do not have to worry about restaurant/bar rules its on your home turf so you make the rules. If you are having a garden party I’m sure everyone has a pair of denim shorts they could wear.

You do not have to state there is a dress code if you do not want to but if you are going for boho or fancy dress it would be good to let people know. The choices are endless. 

The Food

If you are having a hen party at home then the choices are endless. 

Get someone in to cater

Get a family member to help you do a BBQ – This is alot of work to do right so be sure you are able for it. 

Order Pizza


Just nibbles 

Its completely up to you. 

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The Drinks


Let everyone know it is bring your own drinks, have plenty of clean buckets of ice around the garden for everyone to keep their drink cold.

If your budget allows and money left over from the food, you could set up a table with bottles of prosecco and have a prosecco bar.



You have a few choices for the entertainment/games section of having a hen party at home.

Book a Hen Party Activity

You could book a professional hen party activity provider to do something like the old school sports day/the cube etc.


You could be creative and do a few games of your own.

Get Nostalgic

Get all your hens to bring along 1 gift that represents a time shared with the bride to be, all sit around and get the hen to open up the gifts and see if she remembers the story and who it is from .

Mr & Mrs Quiz

Run a Mr and MRS quiz have the answers from the Groom already and get the game started.

Check out our blog on the Mr & Mrs Quiz here 

Hen Party Ideas Ireland,

Planning is key!

Just remember that there is alot of planning involved with a hen at home. This is Ireland so don’t rely on the weather have a back up plan IE the sitting room and kitchen. Just remember it’s not where you are it’s the people you’re with- Relax and have fun.