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The Best hen party IDEAS, packages and daytime activities for your hen do weekend in Galway

Galway Hen Party

Galway is a great Hen Party destination as it has so much to offer groups. You are bound to find a hen party deal that fits your budget and taste. We here at TheHen.ie HQ have the best hen party ideas, packages and daytime activities so your hen party weekend is one to remember. 

Best of all, our hen party package deals and activities in Galway are book now, pay later! 

  • Our Hen Party Packages in Galway require a minimum of 15 people.


Are looking for a hen party hotels in Galway? There are lots of great hen party hotels that are hen party friendly in Galway City.

1. The Victoria Hotel is a new refurbished stunning 3* Hotel located right in the heart of Galway City in Eyre Square making it the perfect base for any hen weekend in Galway.

2. The Hyde Hotel is a stunning 3* Hotel located just around the corner from Eyre Square making it the ideal choice for a hen party that doesn’t want to get taxis. 

3. The Western Hotel This is a lovely 3* hotel right on Eyre square again a great choice if you dont want taxis.

4. The Imperial Hotel is a lovely 3* Hotel overlooking Eyre square. 

5. The Harbour Hotel is a really nice 4* Hotel only a few minutes walk from Shop street.  

6. The Connacht Hotel is a stunning 3* hen friendly hotel just 2km from Galway City Centre & is one of our most popular choices for hen parties in Galway year on year. 

7. The Nox Hotel is a lovely 3* hen friendly hotel just 2km from Galway City Centre

8. The Maldron Hotel is a lovely modern 4* hen friendly hotel just 2km from Galway City Centre on Sandy Road. 

  • €210 per two nights
  • €POA per two nights
  • €200 per two nights
  • €225 per two nights
  • €220 per two nights
  • €225 per two nights
  • €195 per two nights
  • €195 per two nights
  • Our Hen Party Packages in Galway require a minimum of 15 people.


Are looking for a hen party house in Galway? Unfortunately there are no hen party houses or Glamping options in Galway or the surrounding areas. We do however have the following hen party apartments in Galway that are available during the Summer Months only that might suit your hen weekend. 

1. The Goldcrest Apartments Galway are a great budget friendly option for a hen weekend looking to have the Apartment option in Galway, they are only available for the months of June, July & August each year and a 2 Night all inclusive package costs €225pps 

  • Sleeps People
  • Apartment


Are looking for a hen party Activities in Galway?  Galway city has for years been one of the number one destinations for hen dos so it is packed full of options for your hen weekends hen party activity. Have a look at the options below and if you need any help choosing an activity feel free to call us in the office on 0906479753 as we know it can be hard picking the right hen party activity to ensure your bride to be has the best hen party possible.

  • Competitive, Indoor
  • Classy, Indoor
  • Arty, Indoor
  • Arty, Classy, Indoor
  • Classy, Crafty, Indoor
  • Crafty, Indoor
  • Crafty, Indoor
  • Classy, Crafty, Indoor
  • Classy, Crafty, Indoor
  • Adventurous, Competitive, Outdoor
  • Adventurous, Competitive, Indoor
  • Indoor
  • Classy, Indoor
  • Classy, Indoor
  • Classy, Indoor
  • Classy, Indoor

Frequently asked Questions about Hen Parties in galway

Below we have outlined the top most popular questions about organising a hen weekend in Galway. 

Why go to Galway
for a hen weekend?

Carrick on Shannon Town Hen Party Locations Ireland, TheHen.ie
If you are looking for Galway Hen Party Ideas, Packages, activities at great prices you are in the right place. Galway is probably the best hen do weekend location in Ireland. Irelands bohemian party town, in the wild west – it has great transport links by bus, train & road.  The city has something for everyone from culture to festivals. Galway is brimming with Irish culture, old and new. Take a stroll down shop street & see where it leads you.

Where to stay
on a hen weekend in Galway

If you are thinking of going to Galway for a hen weekend and wondering what are the best places to stay for a hen party then look no further.

There are many central hen party hotels we work with in Galway: Hyde Hotel, Harbour Hotel, Imperial Hotel, Western and the Victoria Hotel

There are many Just outside the City hen party hotels we work with in Galway Connacht Hotel & The Nox Hotel

With so many options for hen party accommodation in our all inclusive hen party packages in Galway you are sure to find something that will suit your hen parties taste and budget. 

The best hen party
activities in Galway

Prosecco Gin Brunch Hyde Galway6, Hen Party Activity Ideas Ireland, TheHen.ie.

Galway is so popular with hen parties so they alot of exciting hen party activities on offer, ensuring there is something to suit every groups style and preference. With such a wide range of options available, it’s easy to create a hen party weekend experience tailored to your group’s desires and interests.

We often get asked what are the best hen party activities, these top 10 of the best hen party activities in Galway are sure to help you organise a great hen party & create memories that your hen party will cherish forever.

1. CSI Save the Groom – Can your hen party solve the clues and Save the Groom in Galway City?

2. The Gin Masterclass Galway – A sophisticated and enjoyable hen party activity for a hen party of Gin Enthusiasts.

3. Brunch at The Hyde – Why not Enjoy Brunch in one of the most luxurious and instagramable venues in Galway city.

4. Party Cruise Galway This is an ever popular activity to do during the day in Galway for a hen party activity. 

5. Have a go at a Craft Workshop – why not try see if your group is creative and try a Flowercrown Making or Henbroidery.

6. The Cube – This highly interactivity hen party activity is 90 minutes of sheer competitiveness.

7. For an Arty hen party you could try a Paint N Sip or a Pottery Painting activity & discover talents you never knew you had.

8. Old School Sports Day – Old School Fun and games outside is perfect for a competitive hen.

9. Pedal Bike – You could cycle through Galway with your hen party to get from bar to bar, Great Craic!

10. Magic & Mindreading Show – Amaze your hen party with this unusual and entertaining hen party activity. 

TOP TIP!!! For choosing any hen party activity, it’s a good idea to consider the bride-to-be’s preferences and the overall energy of the group to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time.

Is Galway any good
for a hen weekend?

Galway Hen Party Locations Ireland, TheHen.ie

Galway City is a great destination for a Hen weekend and is renowned for its great nightlife. It is the capital of culture and festivals in the summer months & if you are very lucky the sun might come out.

The question is: Is Galway suitable for my Bride to be and what we want for hen party? 

The easiest way to figure this out is give us a call in the office and we can talk you through the various things to take into consideration when choosing a hen party location.

What is the nightlife like for a hen do in galway?

An Pucan Bar Galway, Hen Party Packages Ireland, TheHen.ie

The nightlife in Galway for Hen Parties is great, It is good to bear in mind that not everywhere is hen party friendly. We do work with some great bars that look after hen dos very well though, An Pucan, Monroes, Coyotes and The Quays live venue so there are lots of options for you to to dance the night away on a hen weekend in Galway.