How much should a hen party cost

As the old saying goes, how long is a piece of string!?

Every bride and bridal party is different, and so is every budget. How much should a hen party cost? Really there is no one way to answer this question, so the key is to consider your group.


First port of call is the Bride to be, have a chat with her about what type of hen she would like. Decide what kind of budget she had in mind, she knows everyone invited on the hen weekend and is most likely to know how price conscious they are.

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No Budget

If the bride to be wants a week in Marbella or a grand country house and has no budget in mind, do just gently bring to her attention that its good to consider if everyone invited on the hen do weekend. Will everyone invited be in a position to go on a week-long hen in Marbella or can they afford the cost of a grand country house? If the answer is no then perhaps ye could consider a smaller hen with just 3 or 4 of ye head off to Marbella and do the big hen at home at a more reasonable budget. 

If the answer is yes then go for it!


Some people are not too budget conscious but knows that everyone attending are on middle of the road income – For this we would recommend a hen be around the €150pps mark for a 1 night package. For €150pps you can easily have a great 1 night hen party package in a hotel with an activity, bar & club. When the cost is spread out across a few months its not too bad.

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Some people just do not have any budget at all. If your group is very price conscious, there are packages available for under €100 but accommodation will be limited. You could also consider a hen at home – you could get activities to travel to your house who’s to say the hen has to always be away. The average tends to be between €150 + €200 but you would be amazed what a small budget can yield.

The key is to sit down with the bride and get a clear picture of what budget you are dealing with. Once this has been established you can start planning around what will suit your group.

We have preferential rates with all our suppliers, so you are sure to get great value for money. We also offer luxury accommodation and self-catering houses, steeped in history and character, but these obviously come with a higher price tag.

Please do remember that what you do is not really the most important thing. When the bride to be is surrounded by all her friends and loved ones you could pretty much be anywhere and still enjoy yourselves. A hen weekend is about the bride to be feeling loved and special, everything else is a bonus! You cannot put a price tag on an amazing experience, full of memories to cherish.

We cater to every budget, and for all tastes, from the more price conscious to the extravagant luxury!

Happy Planning!