1920'S flappers theme

A delightful and nostalgic choice, celebrating the iconic doll and her glamorous world.

It comes in many words, The Roaring twenties, 19820’s, flapper, chaleston, Chicago but no matter what you call it it is a great hen party theme and an east one to go to for many hen parties due to its ease of pulling off. 


1920’s/Flapper/Charleston hair is all about the bob or if you are blessed with long hair an updo suits perfectly with the all important finger waves. 


1920’s/Flappers/Charleston make up was quite porcelain with deep red lips with a little bit of rouge on the cheeks. The eyese were quite dark, a smokey look suits this theme. Alot of the time they put a little black beauty mark about the lip. 

1920s Flappers Theme, Hen Party Ideas, TheHen.ie
1920s Flappers Theme 4, Hen Party Ideas, TheHen.ie

Themed party favours

With the prohibition in full swing in the 1920’s moonshine was made illegally the below little bottles would be perfect for the 1920’s/Flappers/Charleston theme. The all important cigarette holder is a lovely favour to give with this theme.

1920's Themed party decor

I would recommend black, gold, red or white as your staple colours for the 1920’s flappers/Charleston hen party theme. Simply adding a black tablecloth & a large boah can also transform a room. If you can get your hands on the on the menu transforming them to a 1920’s feel really adds to the whole event. It can be the little
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