1970's Theme

Check out our funky 1970's Hippy Theme and feel the groove on your hen party

1970's Theme Clothes

You can do 2 things with this theme the fancy dress of the actual hippy clothes that Hippies wore. It is easier to go with the Fancy dress as it is easy to get a hold of a Hippy costumes but to make it different it is worth considering the Genuine Hippy Clothes. Again whatever you choose make sure everyone in the group knows what way you are going with it. 

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1970's Hippie Themed Hen Party, Girls dressed in Hippy flares, TheHen.ie

1970's Theme Decor Ideas

Tie-dyed fabric, Peace signs, Lava lamps, Daisies, Peace Signs, Smiley Faces, Beads & Incense are the main things you need to make a space a Hippy Theme. If you want to add a little more to it, An authentic looking sign “Hippies use back door” is a good idea or a cut out of a VW Bettle where people can get pictures taken will also add something a little different to the room.

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1970's Theme Activities

  • Food & Favours – The Hippies were big into their Organic, Vegetarian Foods however too keep things crowd pleasing you can opt for a Veggie burger to keep it authentic. A few Cookies with “Far Out” “Groovy” etc on them with Mulitcoloured Cup cakes should continue the theme through to evening time.

  • Hair & Make Up – Since hippies of the 60’s focused on simplicity, their makeup was basic, and in many cases almost appeared to be non-existent.  Conceal any unwanted spots, dust a fine layer of powder over skin to reduce shine, and choose a light pink/rosy blush or bronzer. If you want to wear more than chapstick, I would go with a really nude lipstick or gloss and go easy on the eyes. Light coat of mascara and you should be done.

  • Party Activities & Packages – An essential one for this is the Disco Dance Class This is available all over Ireland. You will learn a dance routine to “Hot Stuff” Costumes are also provided for the Disco Dance Class.  

  • Dance Classes – Make your hen party memorable by learning a dance routine with all your girls! The routines learned are broken down step-by-step with nothing too complicated, yet it will look great when done in sync so you can impress on your hen night out or even at the wedding reception! We cater for all age groups and no dance experience is necessary – it’s all about having fun.

Image Credits: Pinterest