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Coachella, Chill Festival, Boho, there are so many to choose from...

A festival themed hen party is perfect if your bride is a music loving, soul hugging, flower weating, facial gem kinda girl. It really is a great way to get people out of their comfort zones whether the sun is shinging or not. We cant say that thinking of a festival theme doesnt bare the thought of wellies, muck and quesing for questionable toliets with it being Ireland after all. 


However Lets reclaim & not let it dampen the festival spirits. For your summer hen party think festival full of colour, music and cosy blankets. Whether it be your back garden or  a boho hen party house youve rented for the weekend we’ve got you covered with some tips to help you get started. 

Festival Theme - Choose your options
Coachella, Chill Festival, Boho


Think flower crowns, music, dream catchers, ribbons, colours, balloons. Enjoy our fabulous Flower Crown making activity and get to know each other while you create your masterpieces! 

Grab some rubs, pillows, cushions, Blankets, tipis and set them up around your garden for guests to mingle.


For food, opt for some healthy fuel enriched options such as fresh fruits charcuterie boards, dips, raw veggies and bite size sandwiches. 


Alternatively, the fried food path would offer tacos, sausages, chicken wings, burgers, fries and onion rings. Plenty of sauces on hand. 

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Festival theme coastal charm, summer festival, shabby chic

Think white sandy beaches, wind in your hair and sand between your toes. 

Grab your blue & white cushions, add a nautical thing or two to a pcinic bench or cover a table with some shabby chic cloth. Add some sparkle with glitter, shells and some white, gold and blue balloons for an archway to paradise. 

Add some wicket furnitire and neutral toned throws for the ultimate coastal charm feel. 

Get some twine, seashells, sea life charms & personalize some jars. You could glue some shells onto glass or mirrored glass for a fab centrepience. 

Wiath a speaker seach spoify for the ultimate beach vibes playlist, get your cocktails going tand suit back and sip. 

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Festival Theme - Choose your options
iBIZa party, hawaiian tropics

If you crave a rave, turn your home or garden to a club or Hawaiian paradise and get ready to par-tay!

Get familiar with some DIY and create the colourful ambiance of Ibiza with palm trees, You will find a tutorial on you tube. 

Pair this with some floral banners

Improvise with what you already have at home and grab some curtains/ sheets to drape across tress or pillars to create and entrance & light some candles. 

Ibiza playlists are not to be forgotten. 

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