Top Tips for Organising a Hen Party!

The key is to keeping calm!

So, you have just been given the huge honour of being asked to be bridesmaid.

This is such a wonderful experience, but along with the joy and excitement there is often a sense of apprehension when it comes to organising the hen. There are so many options to choose from, locations, accommodation, activities, deposits, WhatsApp groups – the list goes on! It can be a huge commitment of time and energy.

Number one Rule - Relax!

This is a wonderfully enjoyable experience. Yes, there is a lot to do, but there are so many options out there which can assist you. Don’t forget to share the load among the other bridal party. Come together to discuss what aspects need to be organised, your strengths and weaknesses, and who should do what. Cooperation makes everything run smoother and leads to a much more enjoyable experience.

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What does the Bride want – It is her day after all!

Firstly, have a good conversation with the bride to be. Sometimes there are certain ideas she would love to incorporate, and definite no no’s. You must always consider the bride, as this weekend is for her. She needs to really feel the love and experience a hen party to remember! Keeping the location secret can be a lovely surprise, and do not forget location is not the most important thing – once the group is together and enjoying themselves it really doesn’t matter!

Too many chefs
spoil the broth!

Do not get too many opinions!

Try and keep the planning and organising to the bridal party only. The more you ask the more opinions you get, and this can be mind boggling! The easiest way to do this is pick a location among yourselves, and do not involve the wider group until you are sending out dates, location and activity selection.

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Think about the budget

Not everyone has the funds to go overseas, or to a luxury destination. Be mindful of everyone and pick an option to suit you all.

Consider using a booking agent

This is an absolute no brainer for so many hens! You just pick up the phone or send a mail, give a date and location and the rest of the work is done for you! Once you have a destination in mind the company will outline all the options available to you, and the different prices. You choose the option to best suit your group. The company will organise the accommodation, reserved areas, dinner and activities – simples!

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Choose a Great
Hen Party Activity

An activity is always a great option! You can choose something simple like a cocktail class or afternoon tea, or go for a high energy, fun activity such as Finding Ted, CSI Save the Groom or In It to Win it. Every option has been carefully thought out with groups just like yours in mind. Activities are an excellent way to break the ice and set the mood and are a wonderful talking point. Oftentimes we forget various elements of a weekend away, but the activities tend to stay with people, especially the more fun options!

Consider a Theme

Some brides want to keep it really simple, while some go for hilarious stand out themes. We have seen it all, and there are no bad ideas! Have a think and decide if a theme is best for your group but do be mindful of budget when you consider your costume choices. If a theme is not an option, some groups tend to all wear black and leave the bride in white or dress up the bride alone in an hilarious costume!

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Keep it Simple!​

Some of our best hens have been the simplest – you do not have to go crazy when it comes to keeping everyone entertained. There are a multitude of games you can organise yourself in your accommodation or hotel – there are so many ideas on-line.

And Breath!

When you think about it there really is no need to stress – just relax and enjoy the best weekend ever!