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The Best hen party IDEAS, packages and daytime activities for your hen do weekend in Bray

Bray Hen Party

Bray Town is a great destination for your hen party. We really do have the best hen party ideas, packages and daytime activities in Bray so your hen do weekend is one to remember. 
Best of all, our hen party package deals and activities in Bray are book now, pay later!

  • Our Hen Party Packages in Bray require a minimum of 15 people.
  • Sleeps 40 People
  • Apartment
  • €240 per two nights
  • €240 per two nights


  • Competitive, Indoor
  • Arty, Indoor
  • Arty, Classy, Indoor
  • Classy, Crafty, Indoor
  • Crafty, Indoor
  • Crafty, Indoor
  • Classy, Crafty, Indoor
  • Classy, Crafty, Indoor
  • Indoor
  • Arty, Indoor
  • Competitive, Indoor
  • Competitive, Indoor
  • Crafty, Indoor
  • Competitive, Indoor
  • Competitive, Indoor
  • Competitive, Indoor

Why go to Bray
for a hen weekend?

Bray Town Hen Party Locations Ireland, TheHen.ie

Bray is an idyllic town in the east of Ireland, with it located less than 1 hour from Dublin airport it is clear to see why it is a popular hen party location. As Bray has a beautiful prom its a great choice for a hen party that wants to take a dip in the sea or just walk the prom the next day to clear the heads. 

Where to stay
on a hen weekend in Bray.

Martello Hotel, Apartments and Bar Bray, Hen Party Packages Ireland, TheHen (22)

If you are considering Bray as your hen weekend destination and wondering what are the best places to stay for a hen party then look no further. We work with The Martello HotelThe Martello Apartments and The Firefly in Bray

With a choice of hen party accommodation in our all inclusive hen party packages in Bray you are sure to find something that will suit your hen do’s taste and budget. 

The best hen party
activities in Bray

Finding Ted Hen party Activity, Hen Party Ideas Ireland, TheHen (4)

Bray is such a popular town for hen weekends so it has alot of different activities to choose from. With such a wide array of options available, it’s easy to create a hen party experience tailored to your brides desires and interests.

We often get asked what are the best hen party activities, these top 10 of the best hen party activities in Bray are sure to help you organise a great hen party & create memories that your hen party will cherish forever.

1. Alpaca Trekking a great outdoor activity that is certainly unusual. 

2. CSI Save the Groom – Can your hen party solve the clues and Save the Groom in Bray?

3. The Cube – 90 minutes of sheer competitiveness & great laughs.

4. If your bride to be likes all things crafty – why not try see if your group is creative and try a Jewellery Making or Henbroidery

5. Life Drawing for those groups that want to see a little “more”.

6. Put some magic into the hen party weekend with a Magic & Mindreading show. 

7. For the City slicker moving the country the Culchie Championships can teach her the ways of being a culchie 

8. Yas Queen! The Cabaret Drag is a fun hen party activity but not for the faint hearted these queens can be filty.

9. Who is the best bridesmaid? Find out in the Battle of the Bridesmaids – Battle it out to crown a winner. 

10. Get Arty with a Paint N Sip or a Pottery Painting activity, discover talents you never knew you had.

For choosing any activity, it’s a good idea to consider the bride-to-be’s preferences and the overall energy of the group to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time.

Is Bray any good
for a hen weekend?

Martello Hotel, Apartments and Bar Bray, Hen Party Packages Ireland, TheHen (5)

Bray is a very popular town for hen parties from all over Ireland due to its ease of access from all areas of the county. Its a desirable hen party destination due to its idyllic scenic location & The Martello’s great food and nightlife. 

The question is: Is Bray suitable for my Bride to be and what we want for hen party? 

The easiest way to figure this out is give us a call in the office and we can talk you through the various things to take into consideration when choosing a hen party location.

What is the Nightlife like for a hen weekend in Bray

Drinks at Martello, Hen do weekend package, TheHen.ie

Bray is a great town and is renowned for a great hen night with The Martello being the main hub for most groups that visit the town. Koo Nightclub is Brays only nightclub and is most definitely the place to be for any great hen do.