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The Best hen party IDEAS, packages and daytime activities for your hen do weekend in Carlow

Carlow Hen Party

Carlow town is a great destination for a Hen party. We really do have the best hen party ideas, packages and daytime activities in Carlow so your hen do weekend is one to remember. 
Best of all, our hen party package deals and activities in Carlow are book now, pay later!

  • Our Hen Party Packages in Carlow require a minimum of 15 people.

HOTELS in Carlow

  • €260 per two nights


  • Competitive, Indoor
  • Crafty, Indoor
  • Arty, Indoor
  • Arty, Classy, Indoor
  • Classy, Crafty, Indoor
  • Crafty, Indoor
  • Crafty, Indoor
  • Classy, Crafty, Indoor
  • Classy, Crafty, Indoor
  • Indoor
  • Classy, Indoor
  • Classy, Indoor
  • Arty, Indoor
  • Competitive, Indoor
  • Competitive, Indoor
  • Crafty, Indoor
  • Competitive, Indoor

Frequently asked questions about hen parties in cArlow

Below we have outlined the top most popular questions about organising a hen weekend in Carlow. 

Why go to CarLOW
for a hen weekend?

Carlow Town Hen Party Locations Ireland, TheHen.ie

Carlow, Ireland is a great town for a hen party in central enough location in Ireland to accommodate a hen party with people coming from various places in Ireland. It is not a huge town so you still get that small town feel but with a great nightlife. 

Where to stay
on a hen weekend in Carlow

If you are thinking of going to Carlow for a hen weekend and wondering what are the best places to stay for a hen party then look no further. For our All Inclusive hen party packages in Carlow we work with The Seven Oaks Hotel in Carlow town. 

The best hen party
activities in CarLOW

Carlow is a small but quite popular when it comes to hen party weekend. Carlow has alot of exciting activities to choose from. With such a wide array of options available, it’s easy to create a hen weekend tailored to your group’s needs and interests.

We often get asked what are the best hen party activities in Carlow, so we have created this top 10 of the best hen party activities in Carlow which hopefully will help you organise a great hen party & create memories that your hen party will cherish forever.

1. Culchie Championships is a great competitive unusual indoor hen party activity that suits all ages.  

2. CSI Save the Groom – Solve the clues and Save the Groom to save the Hen Party weekend. 

3. Get Arty with a Paint N Sip or a Life Drawing hen party activity, perhaps your group will discover talents you never knew you had.

4. Try a 90 minute Craft Workshop – get creative with a Henbroidery or Jewellery Making workshop great relaxing hen party activities.

5. In it to Win it – 90 minutes of sheer competitiveness & fast paced fun.

6. Explore Carlow town with fun Treasure Hunt, fast paced craic and it really does suits all ages on a hen do.  

7. Is your Bride a Father Ted fan? Then the Finding Ted activity would be a great fit for your hen party activity – Costumes provided. 

8. Let there be some magic on the hen party with a Magic and Mindreading hen party activity.

9. Cabaret Drag – Drag queen fun with some tongue in cheek humour.

10. Anyone a Rose of Tralee Fan? If so then the War of the Roses might be perfect for the hen do. Transform your group with the costumes provided.

For choosing any activity, it’s a good idea to consider the bride-to-be’s preferences and the overall energy of the group to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time.

Is Carlow any good
for a hen weekend?

Hen Party Ideas, hen Weekends in Ireland, Girl organising a hen party on a laptop 2, TheHen.ie.

Carlow town is a great hen night town, with its small town feel you will find it hard to loose people like in the big cities. 

The question is: Is Carlow suitable for my Bride to be and what we want for hen party? 

The easiest way to figure this out is give us a call in the office and we can talk you through the various things to take into consideration when choosing a hen party location.

wHAT is THE Nightlife LIKE IN Carlow FOR a hen do?


The nightlife in Carlow is perfect for Hen Parties Visit the Dinn Ri Bar and many more before you make your way to Carlow’s only nightclub The Foundry to dance the night away.